Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Custom Order

 I was asked if I could come up with summink for a birthday present for the customer's husband and basically thought 'bout turning him into his own brand,  his nickname is Fordy/Four D and Dubs and Classics is his business, there's a VW sign on the back of the neck, the Est. date on the right side is the year of his birth and the left sleeve is his wifes initials (and birth year shhh)

 A quick scribble as my guide

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Arnie Slater said...

Hey I LIKE THIS!!! I wanna come up with a shirt design for a character I created: See my blog for the "Funktapus Cat" story at :

But- I don't know the first thing about printing a shirt properly...can you help? What would it cost etc.

Arnie Slater